Bev Facey Community High

Digital Media and Design 20

Audio/Video Production

COM2105: AV Preproduction 1

COM2115: AV Production 1

COM2125: AV Postproduction 1

Graphic Design

COM2025: Electronic Layout & Publishing 1

COM2035: Raster Graphics 1

COM2045: Vector Graphics 1

COM2155: Design – Brand Identity

COM2165: Printing 2

Web Design

COM1055: Web Design 1

COM2055: Web Design 2

CSE1210: Client-side Scripting 1

CSE1220: Client-side Scripting 2

CSE2210: Client-side Scripting 3

3D and 2D Design and Animation

COM2145: Animation 2

COM2175: Interactive Presentation

DES2035: 2-D Design 2

DES2045: 3-D Design 2

DES2060: Evolution of Design

Description: Students develop a historical framework and study the importance and relevance of design within a cultural context by examining past and contemporary examples of designed artifacts. Prerequisite: None


COM1015: Media

COM2015: Media Impact

COM2910: COM Project B

COM2920: COM Project C

COM2285: Com Tech Client Services 1

DES2910: DES Project B