Bev Facey Community High

INF2020: Keyboarding

Students enhance their occupational level keyboarding competence of all keystroke functions, using unedited, edited and straight copy material.

Demonstrate proficient keyboarding competence:

  1. use text entry between 30–50 words per minute using a keyboard
    • with a syllabic index between 1.2 to 1.35
    • with a maximum of one uncorrected error
  2. use numeric entry between 100–150 keystrokes per minute using a numeric keypad
    • with a maximum of one uncorrected error
  3. use touch-keystroke alphabetic, numeric, punctuation and service keys


For each of the following, give yourself mark out of 5 based on your ability to:

  1. proofread and edit

  2. minimize errors; e.g., spelling, keystroking, punctuation, spacing, transposition, repetition, omissions

  3. use appropriate commands and functions

  4. use correct finger and key placement

  5. apply consistent and appropriate work station routines
    • demonstrate good health and safety; e.g., posture, positioning of hardware and furniture
    • employ practices that provide security for hardware, software, supplies and personal work
  6. identify possible life roles related to the skills and content of this cluster
    • recognize and then analyze the opportunities and barriers in the immediate environment
    • identify potential resources to minimize barriers and maximize opportunities


Throughout the course you will also be evaluated on your basic competencies such as your ability to: