Bev Facey Community High

ELT1910: ELT Project A

Students develop project design and management skills to extend and enhance competencies and skills in other CTS courses through contexts that are personally relevant.

Introductory project courses must connect with a minimum of two CTS courses, one of which must be at the introductory level and be in the same occupational area as the project course. The other CTS course(s) can be either at the same level or at the intermediate level from any occupational area.

Project courses cannot be connected to other project courses or practicum courses.


  1. Clarify the purposes.
  2. Define the deliverables.
  3. Specify time lines.
  4. Explain terminology, tools, and processes.
  5. Define resources; e.g., materials, costs, staffing.
  6. Identify how this project course connects to two or more other CTS courses.
  7. Identify and comply with all related health and safety standards.
  8. Define indicators for success.
  9. Present the proposal and obtain necessary approvals.


  1. Complete the project as outlined.
  2. Monitor the project and make necessary adjustments.


  1. Evaluate the project:
    • Indicate the outcomes attained and their relationship to the original goals.
    • Indicate the processes and strategies used.
    • Include recommendations on how the project could have been improved.
  2. Describe how this project relates to your interests, values, beliefs, resources, prior learning, and experiences.
  3. Describe how this project could be connected to occupational choices.

Competencies and Skills

You will also be evaluated on your basic competencies such as your ability to: