Bev Facey Community High

ELT1140: Robotics Applications

Students apply the fundamentals of robotics systems and basic robotics functions.


  1. describe the evolution and applications of programmable robotics systems
    1. research the evolution and trends of programmable robotics systems
    2. distinguish between various programmable robotics designs
    3. explore areas where programmable robotics systems are used including outer space, medicine, manufacturing and military
  2. identify and classify programmable robotics systems and subsystems
    1. distinguish between subsystems and their applications
    2. identify and distinguish between teach pendant and software programming
  3. identify and describe various alternative types of power sources:
    1. electrochemical
    2. pneumatic
    3. solar (traditional and fuel cell)
    4. wind
    5. hydraulic
    6. biological
    7. electromagnetic
  4. Create a transitional strategy to accommodate personal changes and build personal values
    1. identify short-term and long-term goals
    2. identify steps to achieve goals


  1. build and program a programmable robotics system
    1. identify program download strategies including:
      1. teach pendant
      2. hardwire
      3. wireless
  2. design and build a direct control robotics system
    1. prototype a robot by:
      1. identifying a problem/task for a robotics system
      2. constructing using an engineered system
      3. performing serial and/or parallel operations
      4. demonstrating operation of a robot through its predetermined set of functions
    2. demonstrate an understanding of DC motor controls to include:
      1. switching motor states using a program

Competencies and Skills

Throughout the course you will also be evaluated on your basic competencies such as your ability to: