Bev Facey Community High

ELT1130: Robotics 1

Students apply the fundamentals of robotics systems and basic robotics functions.


In a document, slide deck, video, or other (approved) medium:

  1. What are some ways that applications of robotics systems have changed over time?
  2. Describe, using words, drawings, and images, various robotics geometric systems.
  3. Distinguish among different robotics subsystems and their applications.
  4. Describe some differences between AC and DC motors.
  5. Identify problem or task for robotics systems.
  6. Describe various alternative types of power sources for robots.
  7. Complete or update a personal inventory; e.g., interests, values, beliefs, resources, prior learning and experiences. Include how this would relate to possible future jobs.


  1. Design and construct a system to control a motor.
  2. Prototype a direct control robotics unit to illustrate the:
    1. use of computer-aided design
    2. hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical interfacing
  3. Demonstrate the operation of a robot through its predetermined set of functions.